About Us

What sets us apart from others in this industry is that we have over 30 years of experience and over time we have learned the entire process down to a science. Imperial Landscaping is known for creating personalized designs based off of your environment and sustainability which is crucial when picking out plants . Because we live in a valley, our homes are scattered through different elevations and with different climates, which means certain plants will thrive in your area while others wont so it's our job to figure it out, and create a plan tailored for you and your home.



We got you covered on everything from patios,driveways, garages to raised planter walls, outdoor paving, stamp work, laying concrete , creating fire pits/ and or b.b.q, and more.


You live in the Vegas desert and summer is right around the corner, ask us how you can get the semi-sunk, above ground,and or Spa of your dreams!!
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Home Improvement

We have the experience,skills, and connections to tackle just about anything to do with outdoor home improvement . If you're interested in rod iron work fences,doors,patios, outdoor lighting, fountains,ponds,monthly front and backyard lawn maintenance, etc.